Security Is Complex;

We can Help

Firewalls are important, but they're just one of many security techniques. In order to provide an effective program, you must integrate security technologies and processes throughout your company's IT operations.

Yes, your systems need to receive the latest patches. However, you also must know that users have the right access to the right devices with the right passwords, that you strike a proper balance between control and restriction for your user community (based on role), and that the right monitoring systems are in place as a second line of defense to properly hardened technology systems.

If a breach does occur, you need to know:

  • Where and when it happened

  • How serious it is (i.e. what is the operational impact, and what data has been compromised?)

  • If your system still actively compromised

  • What steps you must take now to mitigate the damage

  • What adjustments to your processes and systems you need to make to address the breach