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Performance Management and Analytics


A more efficient approach to your data and reporting demands


All organizations are on a constant mission to develop more effective budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting capabilities. Many companies have begun implementing stronger processes and making better business decisions by analyzing the tremendous amounts of data that exist within their systems. Tapping into that data can create a competitive advantage for middle market companies, but many have not traditionally had access to the necessary skills and technology.


However, that landscape is changing, as middle market companies can implement strategies for more valuable insights into their businesses and key technology becomes more affordable. In addition, finance is taking command of data analysis initiatives previously owned by information technology (IT), driving the shape of analytics and a greater connection with business goals.


At NTG our experienced advisors understand your business, challenges and current and future business goals. Our team implements comprehensive performance management and analytics solutions through process changes, organizational structures, and technology utilization. We help you gain greater visibility into methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems that can ultimately drive greater success.


Effective solutions to enhance your performance










To meet your unique demands and provide visibility to your business drivers, we bring fresh perspectives and extensive industry experience in several key areas, including:


Financial and management reporting


The reporting capabilities for many companies are generally basic, without customizable analytical reporting options. Instead of manually manipulating, organizing and validating data and spending additional cycle time, the NTG team helps your organization:


  • Automate reporting processes, leveraging CPM platforms to satisfy reporting demands

  • Streamline multidentity consolidation and currency conversion for multiple divisions and global operations

  • Implement tools to consolidate financial reporting and reduce risks of manually extracting data


Costing and profitability analytics


In many cases, organizations face specific problems that prevent accurate costing of products or limit potential profitability. NTG  consultants can develop solutions that:

  • Create cash flow models to understand complex contract terms and how finances move throughout the business

  • Design a framework to determine how to cost out products, considering each relevant process from raw materials to finished goods

  • Assess data to understand how to increase profitability, potentially by removing unprofitable customers or enhancing processes


Leveraging effective technology solutions

Implementing technology solutions can automate key processes, reducing risk and providing more visibility into critical performance and financial metrics. The NTG management consulting team is a prominent implementation partner for several industry-leading CPM applications.


Depending on your unique needs, we can implement any solution to increase your efficiency and provide a foundation for more effective decision-making.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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